Saturday, February 19, 2011


A renaissance, strictly speaking, is a rebirth. All the world over, there is a way to convey this idea. In English, we rely on beautiful Italian, and I, for one, am glad; A beautiful occasion deserves a beautiful word to match, and this particular rebirth, ladies and gentlemen, is sure to please.

See, a lot of changes have been made to my software and professional approach to this endeavor (which started out initially as a personal project to give myself a decent tool for studying my other languages) since it began a short couple of years ago, and I couldn't be more pleased that so many people have found it as useful as I did, and then challenged me to create something even better! Well, we all have ourselves to thank, really. Good job, everybody!

So, as you are perhaps already aware, there's WriteKana, WriteKanji, WriteChinese, WriteHangeul, WriteRussian, and the two GettingThere series all on the Android Market (for now!), along with a stupid app (Robinisms!) meant more to make you and your kids laugh than anything, and then further still there are the twitter feeds. So why this? Figured I'd give interested parties somewhere to do a couple different of things:
1. Research my software and obtain it if they live outside of a region that supports paid applications or the official Android Market.
2. Read interesting tangents concerning (among other things, I'm sure) etymologies, syntax, slang, and the conceptualization and propagation of lexicons, and maybe even the conceptualization and propagation of a language!
3. GIVE ME MONEY! Haha, no seriously, I'm starving...

Peace on Earth, y'all.

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